My name is DAVID PICK and I'm HERE TO HELP. I'm a WEB AND GRAPHIC DESIGNER for hire. Let my 15+ YEARS EXPERIENCE in web design and development get YOUR PROJECT where it needs to be.


If you are looking to leverage some of the excellent capabilities and features that Wordpress offers, I can help with hosting recommendations, Wordpress installation, theme customization, or even full-blown custom theme creation. I've been developing on the Wordpress platform for 5+ years and have the expertise to bring your site to life.


For simple sites, electronic business cards, or HTML newsletters, sometimes reverting back to plain old HTML/CSS is the way to go. Why spend the time and money over-engineering your project. If it's a simple design, I might recommend good old-fashioned hand coding. Get in touch with me early in your project and I can recommend a development strategy that ensures you get exactly what you need without over-paying.


I have several years' experience creating ad graphics for Microsoft and several other companies. I can also create logos (vector and raster), graphics as you need. I am also skilled in photo editing and have the skills and tools to make your photos "pop".

Print/PDF Creation

If you're looking to put together large or small print projects, including marketing collateral, books, catalogs, or similar, I have experience in building print design jobs and making sure the final product you get back from the print shop is exactly what you envisioned.

Design Consulting

Just looking for an experienced set of eyes to take a look at your project, digital or physical, and make recommendations and suggestions? With 15+ years as a web/graphic designer and 3 years in "User Experience", I can help you work through any design problems you're facing and help you stay on the right track for a successful end result.

  • Pic(k)tography
  • Elite Offroad Products
  • Valley Repertory Theatre
  • Cadence MD
  • Inland Empire Real Estate School


My first design project was my highschool yearbook. I was a freshman, but somehow I ended up being the editor-in-chief, and I remember being pretty excited about the prospect. It was a lot of work, but getting the printed copies back just before the end of the school year was an extremely proud moment for me. Earlier that year, I had decided I wanted to dip my toes into the world of HTML coding. After reading through the entire Geocities HTML help section, I began constructing crude webpages. It was exhilarating being able to turn seemingly random lines of code into visual representations on a web browser.

I was hooked.

Since 13, I've been learning and growing as a designer. Most of my expertise and experience is in the web design space, but I've done many print/physical jobs as well. I took black and white photography in high school as well and loved the creative aspect of being able to tell a story through a still image.

I majored in Communication at Washington State University and had the pleasure of graduating just as the recession of 2008 hit. No one was hiring. No one. After hundreds of applications sent out and not one interview in return, I decided it was time to head back to my roots and pursue design work as a career. It worked. Four applications netted me 2 interviews and I was off to the races.

Six years later, I've accumulated a great deal of experience working with Microsoft as well as a number of other local businesses as a designer, solving visual and user experience problems. On the side, I decided to dig into this new thing called "Wordpress". It turned out to be one of the best decisions I'd made concerning my design growth. Wordpress opened up many doors for me, enabling me as a lone designer to develop more and more complex web sites to keep up with my clients' needs.

Now, I'm pursuing design as a freelance consultant again. Specializing in Wordpress design, I can bring your vision to life.

Let's do this.


User Experience Designer (Web)
October 2012 – July 2014
Microsoft (Ciber, Inc.)

Web & Graphic Designer
May 2008 – April 2012
Microsoft (Allyis)

Freelance Web Designer
September 2001 – Present

B.A. Communication
Minor in Fine Arts
August 2005 – May 2008
Washington State University

Web and graphic design. Designing, developing, maintaining Wordpress. Designing for SharePoint. Creating marketing collateral, ad campaigns, HTML newsletters. Hand-coding HTML, CSS. Experience with print projects and editing non-linear video/audio.

Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator. Wordpress. Microsoft Office. Mac & PC Operating Systems.

Let's do this

Get in touch with me with your details and any questions and let's get the ball rolling on your project. I'd love to help!